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Why our product?

Our aim is to make reusables a lifestyle. We can help your company do just that with great product design and a wide range of customizations.

Responsible consumption

The short life span of disposable dishware (15 min on average) has long given us pause: Why not use dishware that can be washed again and again? Reusable instead of disposable! So much unnecessary waste can be prevented if we just reused what we had.

Our products take a stand for responsible, to-go consumption!

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Sustainable materials

Our reusable cups are mostly made from raw, renewable materials, and our lids are made from biodegradable and food-safe silicone. Our cups are dishwasher-safe, durable, taste-free and have been tested for quality according to EU specifications. Our glass products are made of borosilicate glass. Anyone who has ever taken a sip from one of our water bottles or glass straws will never again use its plastic counterpart!

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Personal customization

Whether monochrome silkscreen, delicate etching, a two-toned pad print, or an entirely new customization, your ideas are welcome! Depending on the type of finishing desired, we can offer smaller order quantities and fast delivery.

Just get in touch! We’re happy to advise you.

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The cups are very beautiful and with the individual print they are perfect for your own promotion. The contact was always fast and friendly.

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